NFT Exhibition

The Block Lisboa
17th December 2021

This Friday our fun Stone Landscapes will be shown at @theblocklisboa as a part of their Crypto Fridays where they will show NFT’s

If anyone is in Lisbon this Friday, take a peak inside The Block Lisboa for a beer and some NFT Stone Landscapes

NFT - Stone Landscapes

The Voice
November 2021

ILF is exploring the worlds of NFT’s on @voicehq
What if research projects and artistic endeavours can be shared digital

The Chelsea Flower Show

September 2021

This year #chelsea flower show. The studio went to explore the new and exciting trends of gardening

Uncomfortable Hope

Online Exhibition The Wrong Biennale
September 2021

The Wrong Biennale is just about to launch on the 1st of November and #Uncomfortablehope is a part of the show. The show is a collaboration of amazing artists and architects showing work that interprets the idea of the uncomfortable space and the untraditional ways.

The online pavilion space has been designed by ILF Landscape Architecture and we are happy to finally give you a sneak peak of what is to come on the 1st

To see the show go to from the 1st of November 2021

Female Online Exhibition

27th August 2021

Happy to announce that the Womb is a part of this online exhibtion inspired and created by women

Thanks to @gelbersessel for including the Womb

Social Art Award 2021

IFAI - Social Art Award
16th July 2021

The Womb will be featured in the Social Award 2021 book.
Can’t wait to get a copy

The Womb

Every Woman Biennale, Whitney Museum of American Art 
23th June 2021

The Womb is a part of the first female only NFT exhibition and it launches this Saturday

Winter Sculpture Park

Gallery 32
17th January 2021

The Womb, exhibited in the Winter Sculpture Park exhibition on Bexley from today till 28th of February 2021

When idea meets the landscape

Memory Landscapes

Since August 2019

A zine developed with and from the stories told by asylum seekers in Copenhagen. It is now a part of the permanent collection of UMass media library