Charlottenlund, Denmark

Charlottenlund forest and Park is the most visited area per square meters in Copenhagen and is therefore very important for the surrounding city. The goals for the future development of the
area is based on the existing conditions and the analysis of these.
The project consist of a new development plan for Charlottenlund forest and park that integrates spatial experiences and forest development types to highlight variation in the entire area. All variation strategies are created with management and are using the trees as tools and main elements in the design.
The concept of the design consists of two sight lines from the castle to the forest.
The new spatial experiences in the design are created with the idea of small interventions to transform the forest and park. The small scale interventions are used to make the visitors aware of the spatial changes in the forest, where the different forest development types are used to create silvicultural environments, differences in light and shade and annual variation.
The design enhances the spatial dynamics and creates new species combinations.