Photograph by Akshay Bhoan
ILF Landscape Architecture is established by Chartered Landscape Architect Isabella L. Bhoan.

ILF Landscape Architecture takes pride in working with nature and utilize the abilities and advantages of nature and plants can give to the environment we live in. ILF Landscape Architecture works with understanding architecture in an environmental fashion to combine qualities from both worlds of architecture and environment.

The studio focuses on creating contemporary and site-specific landscapes that integrates design with the intention of enhancing life quality for the users, enhance local anchorage and placemaking in the urban environment. The priority is to create spaces for people by concentrating on environmental solutions that uphold aesthetics and architectural values.

ILF Landscape Architecture was founded by Isabella L. Bhoan in 2016.
After she finished her studies in august 2016 and working in prize-winning Danish studios, she started the company working on private projects along with collaboration with other landscape studios.

Through jobs, competitions, internships, and studies she has developed a landscape architectural skillset within different project scales, topics, and locations. ILF is specialized in designing with nature in urban settings and with special focus on the concept of rewilding the urban environment.

ILF Landscape Architecture
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Isabella Bhoan

Born: 24 May 1992
Graduated: September 2016
Copenhagen, Denmark
Chartered Landscape Architect