New Jersey
Camden, NJ, USA

Commisioned to develop a possible concept for an urban residential development project in Camden, NJ.

The concept illustrates how to 'interfere' in the industrial development of the area and incorporate residential structures combined with activities for the new residents as well as the existing community. The project incorporates green sustainable designs, environment and development as key elements for the design. With special focus on local anchorage and opportunities for the users to involve and engage themselves in the development of the area

The design forces green elements into the focal areas of the project grounds to soften the hard and materialistic structures already existing in the area.

The green wave creates a flow through the area creating recognition and identity for the area and defragmenting the existing green patches, hereby focussing on connectivity for biodiversity, present users and the new target group. The design contains of urban gardening, sports activity areas, playgrounds and utility pavilions

The project was commissioned by Invincible City Farms.