Park Avenue
New York, USA

The concept of the Forest Walk is to open up the possibility for utilizing the medians in a interactive and recreational way. The focus is to bring people into the medians and creating pocket parks which provides green surroundings and alternative ac- tivities to Park avenue and the local area.

The design emphasises on the idea of destinations rather than direction and flow by using geometrical strict forms and expressions. In that way the flow becomes less significant and the object becomes recreational encounters, social interaction and possibilities for stay. The strict geometrical forms also creates a strong archi- tectural connection to the overall structure of the city.

The area around Park avenue is highly affected by 90 degrees angles and rectangular shapes. By implementing same structure and shapes, the medians become an integrated part of the architecture in the city. The project also creates contrast by changing the angles on some elements and using triangular shapes. This has been done to give the Forest Walk an individual identity that can make the medians popular destinations in the city and enhance their landmark effect.