Randersgade School
Copenhagen Denmark
2015 — 2016

The aim with the project is to create an evidence based design proposal for children at Randersgade School in Østerbro, Copenhagen. The project is divided into two parts. The first
part describes the theories and methods used to develop the evidence based design in correlation with a description of the user group. In the first part it is described how children can benefit from nature and how outdoor physical activity can improve children’s health.
From the first part a set of guidelines are constructed from the user group description in correlation with the benefits from outdoor physical activity.

The second part then uses the guidelines in order to create a concept followed by a design proposal that should improve the children’s health at the school.

The design proposal focuses health design and on creating various spatial experiences that can appeal to the different age groups that will be present at the school. Green elements are the recurring element that creates a coherent and visually comfortable and interesting environment that will intrigue children into outside play. The whole second floor is meant as a relaxing area where the more calm and observing children can stay and watch other children. In that way the playground is zoned between activity levels creating space for all types of personality.