Sightlines in the Royal Gardens
Copenhagen, Denmark
2018 — 2019

ILF Landscape Architecture was hired as a consultant to analyse the historic plans and development ideas of the Royal Danish Gardens; Frederiksberg Have and Søndermarken, to determine the future management of the plantings in the gardens. 

By careful registrating and analysing the existing conditions and holding them up to the historic ideas of the gardens a new management strategy was determined for the future plan of the gardens. 

As Frederiksberg Garden was chosen as a Romantic garden in the 1700, it was important to establish landmarks and focal points for the sightlines and hence structure the management of the plantings hereafter.
Søndermarken is much more a landscape garden with a more free design and here the historic plans really came into play for the analysis. 

The project was commissioned by The Agency of Culture and Castles - SLKS