Sydhavn, Denmark

Sydhavn connects nature areas at Tippen and Valby parken with the urban life of Copenhagen. Sjælør Boulevard is the main structure and leading element in Sydhavn. This projects aims
at enhancing the physical and visible connection between the urban Copenhagen and the natural environments of Tippen.

The backbone of Zydhavn enhances the current connection from north to south encompassing storm water management and improving conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists. A shifting
concrete edge defines the western border of the project area as well as the path of the ditch for water management.

Where the edge cuts away from the linear direction potential areas for water retainment and urban improvement are created. In this way the important straight connection is maintained and
urban interventions are easily recognisable and usable.

The Backbone provides the strong connection in the project area Zydhavn. It consists of a coherent pedestrian and bike route and a ditch all along the area, holding and leading the
local storm water. The concept proposes a strengthened physical and visual recognizable connection from north to south interrupted by deviating spots for water retainment and urban renewal.